Robotikits Scrib

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With Scrib there are three fun ways to play: Maze Race, Free Style, and S.T.E.A.M.
1. The most challenging aspect is Maze Race. Children construct a 70 piece puzzle/board game and then must strategize how to keep Scrib on track.
2. Let's get creative in Free Style play. Users take Scrib's magic marker to plain white paper and challange Scrib to conquer hand drawn mazes, navigate homespun maps, or travel across super highways made by connecting multiple sheets of paper.
3. The S.T.E.A.M. idea and activity book is filled with ideas and activities that will keep your kids busy for hours. Follow the directions to build a functioning Mobius strip, or an infinite loop, and watch how long Scrib can run.

Includes: 1 exclusive SCRIB robot, 4 button batteries, (1.5 v) 3D maze race puzzle pieces, 1 STEAM activity book, 2 SCRIB markers, 2 testing paper sheets

Ages: 3+