Mini Grocery Store

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Shape, Build, Checkout! Make a super cute supermarket! Create more than 20 cute clay characters from every aisle of the grocery store: meat, produce, frozen food, and canned goods. Then make a paper craft shopping basket to tote them around. Clear instructions show what clay measurements you need and custom foam shapes make challenging projects easier-just wrap the clay around them. Sprinkled throughout are plenty of ideas to customize your grocery haul with cute food labels and packaging. Don't forget your shopping list!

Includes: 52 page book of instructions and inspiration, air dry clay in 8 colors, 42 bead eyes, 42 sequin cheeks, glaze, clay roller, 4 brads, double tipped clay tool, 7 carton and jar forms, tray, 89 punch out decorations, paper shopping basket and pizza box

Ages: 6+