Mini Clay World Candy Cart

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The perfect miniature scene for crafters with a sweet tooth! Creative prompts encourage crafters to invent their own candy brands, and display them in clear glass-looking jars with stoppers, in miniature boxes, on wooden lollipop sticks, or in iridescent cellophane baggies with twist ties. Slot together the cotton candy stand with a clear dome to serve your customers, and a tented kiosk to display your assortment of sweet treats. With true-to-size guides and step-by-step instructions, even novice crafters can create projects that look good enough to eat!

Includes: 32 page book of instructions and inspiration, 6 punch out sheets, 1.6 oz (45 g) oven bake clay in 5 colors, 6 eyes, 5 twist ties, 5 mini glass jars, 4 squares of cellophane, 6 toothpicks, 4 cotton balls in 2 colors, plastic dome, double sided tape, paper umbrella

Ages: 8+